Olek’s Big Day

Oleksandr has been with is almost two years, and we are very encouraged by the amazing progress that he has made. This past Saturday, here on the Youth-Reach campus, we celebrated two milestones in his young life.

Another Slice of Love

As I sit down to write this column, we are celebrating my eldest son’s 26th birthday. I suppose that this occasion has me reminiscing and maybe a bit melancholy. As the father of seven, I often find myself lamenting the insanely fast rate at which my kids are growing up.

What a Christmas!

With the help of some very special people and the holiday support that we received, we were able to provide a Christmas experience for our boys that will be talked about and remembered for decades.

Building Our Founders’ Circle

The ongoing challenge for Youth-Reach Houston, that has not changed in over 36 years, is to fund the monthly ongoing expenses that come with providing a full-service, 24-hour a day residential program for troubled boys. To operate in a healthy manner, with neither need nor excess, requires approximately $42,000 per month.

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