Everything we do is aimed at raising boys into men with the Gospel of Jesus Christ saturated and applied throughout.

You do not have to worry. In case any of you are wondering, Youth-Reach Houston is not planning to join the downward cultural spiral that is prevalent in our society when it comes to raising boys. We will not be joining the ranks of those who are intent on raising effeminate, weak, overly sensitive and fragile males who fold up like a cheap lawn chair when tested by the winds of life.

When you look around at this video game-addicted and overly-medicated generation of boys, you must also look back and see that many of them are now being raised by single moms, as their absent fathers are video game-addicted and overly-medicated adult boys who never grew up and assumed the responsibilities that mark a true man. They were quick and available to volunteer to engage in procreation, and equally quick and unavailable to abandon the following duties of fatherhood. That is where we step in here at Youth-Reach, and this is where you step in as well.

What Are You Investing In?

You are not being asked to invest in warehousing a bunch of boys who are sitting around watching television, playing video games, and eating junk food. They are not growing fatter, softer and more entitled here at Youth-Reach. Certainly not.

These boys often wonder why they don’t have a day off. Well, they do, sort of. We take the sabbath to attend church, but we also have chickens and pigs and other duties that must be tended to. There are fewer chores, and no work projects on Sundays, so it is the lightest day, but other days are hard. For five days a week, there is school, where you are required to learn. There are intense workouts, where you will be sore, stiff and very tired afterward. There are work projects where you will learn the proper use of tools, jobs that men should know how to perform, and the ethic that a man needs to know how to fix what breaks. Some outings are educational and others are recreational. Both are aimed at being challenging. 

Everything we do is aimed at raising boys into men with the Gospel of Jesus Christ saturated and applied throughout. At Youth Reach Houston, we are convinced of three things: 

  • You need alpha males to raise alpha males.

  • You cannot raise a boy into a man without pain, challenges, tests, rites of passage, disappointments, and the overcoming of adversity.

  • A true man knows how to properly wield the Word of God, so that is the central tenet of all we do.

If you are wondering if we might be lowering the bar to better fit with what we see all around us, rest assured, we won’t budge.