Thank you for your interest in Youth-Reach Houston! There are many programs that address behavioral issues but few that integrate the life-changing, healing power of Jesus. Our Christ-Centered, long-term, residential program has impacted thousands of lives.

We are willing and able to accept applicants from anywhere in the United States. There is no consideration of the ability or inability to pay for our services as the ministry provided is free-of-charge. We accept applicants without consideration of religion, race or ethnic background. Youth-Reach Houston is licensed and designed to serve a specific population of juvenile boys. Our license through the Texas Department of Health & Human Services places specific restrictions that dictate who we can and cannot accept.

If accepted into the program, parents are encouraged to come on the day they are dropping off their child. Please note that if you and your child live further than 4-5 hours away from Youth-Reach Houston, a transportation fee is required in case a child has to be dismissed from the program. The fee is refunded after a child successfully completes the program.


A Message from

Our Founder

Parents and prospective residents are strongly encouraged to read over the information offered in our website together before beginning the application process. It is best if the prospective resident has some idea of what he is going to experience here with some knowledge of the structure and rules/guidelines before his first conversation with us.


Overview of Youth-Reach

Founder and Executive Director Curt Williams talks about the mission and history of Youth-Reach Houston.

The Ideal Candidate

Curt Williams explains the values and intentions we’re looking for in applicants.

The Application Process

Program Director Jimmy Garcia outlines the application process for potential residents.

Resident Life

Jimmy Garcia and Operations Coordinator Xavier Bright talk about the typical day of a resident.


We want to work with young men who are willing to receive the help that we have to offer. While parents may think that they are helping by coaching their sons to say what they think we want to hear, or offering them a reward to come here, this actually puts young men at a disadvantage.


Thank you for your interest in Youth-Reach Houston! Send us a message using the brief form below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.