We Won’t Budge

Everything we do is aimed at raising boys into men with the Gospel of Jesus Christ saturated and applied throughout. You do not have to worry. In case any of you are wondering, [...]

The Coming Season: Part II

Last month we began to unpack the ongoing succession plan that is slowly moving Youth-Reach into the next season and preparing this ministry for growth and fruitfulness in a generation that will present fresh and evolving challenges. Here in Houston, I am excited to serve beside and witness the growth of a man uniquely gifted to labor in the Houston area.

Introducing David Williams

My wife Summer and I came to Youth-Reach with a heart to see a ministry led by the Lord; somewhere we could see His hand working daily. We came from incredible ministries that touched on some of what was in our hearts, but we desired to do it differently from what we had seen.

The Coming Season

Five years ago, with the guidance of our Board of Directors, we entered a ten-year succession plan. We would be foolish and even negligent to allow what the Lord has built to fall just because we failed to plan, so we have been very proactive to look to the future, pray, and seek out the Lord’s provision for the next season.

As the Holidays Approach

Do you have a class, club, church group, or even a family group that would consider sponsoring Youth-Reach this Christmas? There are all sorts of ways that you can make a difference in the lives of our boys with a targeted gift to Youth-Reach this Christmas season.

Where Do They Come From?

"Where Do They Come From?" is the question we're asked most often after we are given an opportunity to share the work of Youth-Reach. Many people seem to wonder where we get the kids that come into our care. Well, they come from just about everywhere.

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