In the previous four updates, we have laid out the roadmap for the future of Youth-Reach in Houston, Texas, with a specific focus on the leadership team that the Lord has brought together. For a man who has poured nearly forty years of his life into this ministry, the thought of succession and the concerns over the future would have me paralyzed, if not for this amazing group of servant-leaders the Father has assembled. Below you will hear from my eldest son, Judah, who has served here at Youth-Reach Houston for almost ten years.


My story of coming to serve at Youth-Reach Houston started ten years before I was born, when my father, Curt Williams, founded the program in 1984. For as long as I can remember, Youth-Reach has been a consistent part of my surroundings, but it wasn’t until I approached high school that I truly began to see what God was doing in the lives of the young men who lived across the street from my house. And through that, God began to plant the seeds that would eventually grow into a calling for my own life.

When I finished high school, I dealt with a lot of uncertainty regarding my future. Some career paths here and there seemed intriguing, but nothing truly captured my heart. One thing that I knew for sure was that I wanted the works of my life to leave a mark on others long after I was gone; something I had seen my father achieve all my life. After committing all of this to prayer, God graciously made it clear to me that I had been looking in all the wrong places instead of at what was right in front of me all along. Very soon after that, an intern position opened up at Youth-Reach. Without my father’s knowledge, I started a year-long internship the day after my 20th birthday which opened my eyes forever.

As I write this article, I have now been serving at Youth-Reach for 9 years. In those years, I have served in numerous roles from food service to discipleship, and currently serve as the Operations Coordinator of our Houston campus. Along with the many lessons I have learned over the years, the Lord has also provided me with the opportunity to have a front-row seat to what He is doing through this remarkable program. Every day I have the opportunity to invest in the lives of the young men within the program, and to see what God does through those planted seeds years after a boy exits Youth-Reach; that is something that I will always be grateful for.

A parable that I was fond of before serving at Youth-Reach, and even more so now, was the parable of the sower in Matthew 13. While some boys come through the program and do not have the heart to receive and learn, I’ve been blessed to see many who take the teaching of God’s Word and apply it, and then see how God multiplies those crops. Even within the week of writing this, I’ve talked with several of our boys from years past and am seeing what God is doing in their lives, developing them into future husbands, fathers and leaders.

In the coming season, I will be stepping into the role of Director of Development. I’ve been blessed throughout my years at Youth-Reach to watch as my father has created and cultivated donor relationships, and that’s something I am excited to step into in the coming years. Our program would not be possible without the support of those who have faithfully come alongside us over the years, including many of you who are reading this right now. We believe that the best is yet to come. The peace and contentment that the Lord has brought to me, both in serving at Youth-Reach and in witnessing the fruit of God’s provision, has given me the desire to share the past, present and future of what God is doing here with others. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for this next season.

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