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Youth-Reach Houston is unique in many ways.  We’ve compiled a list of questions parents frequently ask that we hope we be helpful for you with determining if our program is a good fit for you and your son. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions you may have as you review the information below.

  • We serve young men ages 12-17.
  • Our program is offered at no charge to residents or their families.

  • Youth-Reach Houston is a Christ-centered residential program.

Parents are encouraged to stay involved in their child’s life and in his process of recovery. It is not required, but we do ask for parents to stay available to the counseling staff and cooperate in any way that will assist our efforts.

Our goal is to produce a solid leader with high moral values and a strong work ethic. We aim to instill deep character and a positive sense of social and family responsibility. As a Christ-centered program, we strive to lead all of our residents to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus and to be discipled in the ways of Christ. Our goal is to produce a man of honor who will one day be an outstanding husband, father, and community leader.

There is not a program in America that has proven to be effective in helping someone that does not want help. We can offer parents creative ways to bring correction and discipline to wayward kids, but Youth-Reach Houston will not accept a boy into the residential program until he can freely admit his need for help. Also, our license will not allow us to hold a child against their will.

If a resident refuses to accept the consequences of a poor decision or defiant act, he will receive compassionate yet firm counsel. If he continues to refuse to accept his assigned punishment, he will be dismissed from the program. We are imaginative and we are determined, but without cooperation and a teachable spirit we cannot allow a young man to take up a bed when we almost always have kids waiting for the opportunities that Youth-Reach Houston offers.

Youth-Reach Houston operates under a perpetual license. In other words, there is no state-mandated time limit that restricts how long a boy can stay under our care. Since we never charge for our services, we are under no pressure to rush a kid through the program. Some residents stay for several months and others stay for years, but we ask for (at minimum) a one year commitment. When a boy actually completes the program depends on him. The variables include the progress of the child, the education year, the quality of the home life that they can expect to return to, how they have advanced in the program, their age and maturity, and the opinion of the parent(s).

As long as a young man is making progress at Youth-Reach Houston, this is his home. We understand that each boy matures at a different pace and we customize our program with each resident’s personal needs in mind. Some have no options and no home available so they will grow up at Youth-Reach and eventually leave for college or join the work force. The longest that a kid has stayed at Youth-Reach Houston is over six years.

Many of our current residents were medicated before they came to Youth-Reach Houston. Our belief is that the vast majority of the kids that receive mood-altering medications do not need it. We work hard to teach these kids to cope, develop self-discipline, and to exhibit behavior appropriate for any environment so boys must be medically weaned from all psychotropic medications before they are given an admission date. These boys need clear boundaries, firm discipline, a healthy diet where excessive caffeine and sugar are restricted, hard work, and quick consequences for poor choices. Only a very small percentage of the boys who come to Youth-Reach will ever again need medication after they complete the program.

Yes, with the cooperation of detention facility officials and the probation officer, we can arrange to conduct the phone interviews while your son is still incarcerated. We have done this many times and it is a common practice for us.

Residents must progress through the program and reach Level Two and be at least sixteen years of age to be eligible for a job outside of Youth-Reach. The resident must prove to be both trustworthy and a hard worker before we will endorse him to a local employer.

If your son meets the State of Texas guidelines, he may qualify to take the GED course through our curriculum and then take the GED tests. This is only an option for residents who are severely behind in their education process and parents may be responsible for the cost of the exams.

The first part is as fast as you make it. If you are flexible when it comes to scheduling interviews, return needed forms and medical records in a timely manner, and cooperate fully with the intake staff, it will certainly expediate the process. Then, if your son has passed the interviews and a bed is available, he will be admitted immediately after we receive all the required forms and information. If a bed is not available, we will keep you informed as to the expected timeline and when we believe you may be contacted regarding admittance. Typically from first phone call to entrance, the time is about 4-6 weeks.

The first step is to complete the Initial Phone Interview. To expedite this process, it is critical that both the parent and the resident be available to speak on the phone with an admissions staff member. When this interview is completed, more information will be provided and next steps will be clearly explained. This process is initiated by calling our offices at 281-459-4555 during regular business hours. NOTE: If the two parents are no longer legally married, we will need the involvement and the permission of the legal custodial parent to proceed.

No, while we understand that education is important to the success of a child, this is not our main focus. Youth-Reach Houston is primarily a home for young men that have previously found themselves in trouble and are ready to change. If education is your only priority, our program is not the place for your son. Youth-Reach Houston is centered around Jesus Christ and seeing lives transformed by the Gospel.


Youth-Reach Houston has a comprehensive school on campus with a nationally-recognized curriculum (PLATO thorough Edmentum) and staff assisting and tutoring in their coursework. Our school is especially effective for residents who have fallen behind in their educational process or have struggled with behavior issues in a traditional school setting. The curriculum is tailored around each individual student and the goal is to prepare them for college acceptance and successful completion of his field of study.

Yes, however parents of applicants are only permitted to take a tour of our facilities at the personal interview stage of the application process.

A normal week day begins with reporting to the day room at 6:15 a.m., having already cleaned their rooms and made their beds. Residents are not awakened by staff but must get up when the alarm clock sounds. The boys first run a mile then return for showers and dressing for the day. During breakfast, the rooms are inspected by staff. After breakfast, boys begin to work on their assigned chores for the day. At 8 a.m., students report to the on-site school and non-students begin their assigned work projects. Lunch is served at noon and afterward students return to their class while non-students report for continued work projects. Youth-Reach has 26-acres of land, a poultry program and other animals that are cared for daily. Also, we complete all routine maintenance on our ten buildings, lawns and pastures. School is dismissed at 3:30 p.m. and dinner is served at 6 p.m. Residents who have completed their chores and other assignments receive free-time in the afternoons. Evenings are spent in topical Bible study, worship, discussion groups, and regular outings to sporting events, concerts, etc.

After the first two weeks, your son will be assigned a primary counselor. This staff member will contact you, provide you with their cell phone number, and will serve as your personal contact with Youth-Reach. This assigned counselor will be your son’s advocate on our staff team and will provide you with regular updates as to your son’s progress while in the program.

Plan to make calls in the evening between 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Please understand that sometimes the residents and staff are engaged in an outing or an activity and your son may not be available to receive a call. Please also take into consideration that the on-duty staff are supervising several residents, so it may not be convenient to have a phone conversation at a particular time. If no one answers the phone, leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

No, Youth-Reach Houston does not discriminate based on religious preference. We are open to young men from every type of background, ethnicity, or religion. However, being that we are a Christian program, if he decides to come, both you and he will have to agree that he will participate in regular Christian teaching and practices. This includes activities such as Bible studies, church services, daily Scripture reading, Christian music, etc.

While a child is in the care of Youth-Reach, strict privacy policies mandated by our state license must be obeyed. Information regarding your son will not be shared with anyone who contacts the Youth-Reach office. We ask that no parents contact new residents during the time that the resident is at Level Zero (the initial two weeks). While a resident is at Level One, he may place one call per week to his parents. This call will be dialed by a staff member and may last no longer than 15 minutes. When a resident reaches Level Two, he may make two or three phone calls in his free time, but these phone calls are limited only to those on his approved contact list.