Then & Now

Over the last eighteen months, Youth-Reach Houston has been understaffed, which means that our operations staff members have worked extra hours and carried extra burdens so that the boys would never notice any lack of care.

A Bittersweet Goodbye

Last month, I was notified that Cameron Combs had passed away. Cameron was a much-loved Youth-Reach son from 2019 who impacted all of us in a very real way. At his Celebration of Life, I was honored to share how, while at Youth-Reach, Cameron surrendered his life to Jesus.

New Education Center Almost Complete

We're excited to share that the new Dr. Charles E. Cowles, Jr. Education Center is on schedule for our August 15th completion date! This educational environment is designed in a way that distractions can be easily minimized. We'll have space for guest speakers to be brought in to enhance the boys' opportunities to gain specialized knowledge.

Changing the Norm

Despite our country's progress in the areas of racism and dismantling institutional religion, in many ways, society has devolved. If anyone seeks evidence of the damage caused by the abandonment of God’s ideal structure for the family, they should visit Youth-Reach.

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