How to Alter a Generation

The attack on masculinity is at an all time high, but I am extremely blessed to have a front row seat to the fight against it. For nearly seven years now, I’ve had the opportunity to see and have a hand in what God is doing in the lives of the young men that come through Youth-Reach Houston...

Summer Means Work

After the horrible winter storm hit Houston, the challenge to care for 26 acres has now been ramped up. The good news is… We have a lot of boys. We are teaching the long-term benefits of work every day here at Youth-Reach.

What Leadership Looks Like

Here at Youth-Reach, we focus on the key elements that make someone successful in life, regardless of their financial prowess. At this time we have three young men, from very diverse backgrounds, who have stepped up to take on the responsibility of leadership as one element of the many responsibilities of manhood.

Train Up a Child

Here at Youth-Reach we often get boys who are well on their way to the legal age when society will deem them to be an adult, but they are nowhere close to manhood. Proverbs 22:6 implores us to train up our children. Training requires discipline, focus, standards, and an expectation of performance.

The Long Goodbye

When President Ronald Reagan was facing a decline in both his physical and mental health, his devoted wife Nancy called the season “The long goodbye.” It is always painful to watch a loved one decline and face the winter of their life; right now, that season involves me, my older brother and my younger sister as we walk through these long days with my 90-year-old father.

Our Latest Endeavor >> Honeybees

In the next few months we are going to be launching some new opportunities for our supporters (and new supporters) to partner with Youth-Reach in some interesting ways. After finding a very large and very healthy colony of honeybees on our campus (and interpreting this to be an opportunity) we contacted Pastor Kent Wilson who we know to be a local beekeeper.

The Rarest Attribute

I was probably around ten or twelve years old. It was a Saturday morning and I was enjoying my favorite cartoon, Johnny Quest. It is curious how some memories remain stark in our minds while so many fall from our ability to recollect. This is one of those memories that is still vivid as if it occurred yesterday

Trace it Back…

I realize that every person who leads or serves a non-profit, charity or ministry sees their work as vital. Those who risk life and limb to brave the Southern Ocean to protect whales from illegal poaching see their work as critical. The people who live their lives investing countless hours and endless energy into caring for stray dogs and cats feel that their labors are essential.

Olek’s Big Day

Oleksandr has been with is almost two years, and we are very encouraged by the amazing progress that he has made. This past Saturday, here on the Youth-Reach campus, we celebrated two milestones in his young life.

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