Curt Williams and Kevin Forrester

Without it going to his head, can we say that Kevin is one of the most deserving young men we have ever had at Youth-Reach? And that’s saying something!

Kevin Forrester has been at Youth-Reach for over three years. He has blown through our level system, surrendered his life to Jesus, graduated high school, gained a job, esteemed himself so well at that job that he was hired away to a much better job, paid cash for his first car and is now planning to attend Discipleship Training School with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Tyler, Texas in April.

When a young man demonstrates this level of commitment, we make a substantial commitment to him, and we are seeking to raise $4,000 for the scholastic phase and the missional phase of Kevin’s schooling.

Kevin is investing some of the money he has earned while living here at Youth-Reach into his own education, and we have shared with him that we will seek to raise the remaining need.

If you would like to invest directly in Kevin’s education as he plans to enter full-time ministry, you can do so by writing a check to Youth-Reach and footnoting it for Kevin’s schooling, or by going online and selecting Kevin’s Schooling from the drop-down menu.

Thank you!

Donate to Kevin’s Schooling