The Challenge Before Us

Can We Portray Their First True Christmas as Never Before?

By: Curt Williams, Founder & Executive Director

When taking just a cursory glance at the many boys that we have right now in our homes what we see is no “typical” Youth-Reach kid. We do though see some steady patterns. The vast majority have no contact with a strong, present and healthy biological father. Many are either adopted, or they are being raised by single mothers. Over half are under some form of court supervision, and the majority have struggled with some form of addiction. Many have suffered abuse, and most have endured neglect. Very, very few come from strong, two-parent families.

When entering the holiday season some have earned the privilege of going on pass, but there is no one who will be coming for them, while others may have someone, yet they have not earned the trust to yet be allowed to leave. Understandably, this time of year can easily be a very heavy season full of angst and simmering emotions. In years past we have lost boys during the holidays as depression and pain overwhelmed them and brought out behaviors that caused them to want to run or prompted behaviors that were so egregious that their dismissal was unavoidable.

Youth-Reach Houston Christmas 2021

So we have learned, and we have adjusted our approach to connect with the boys on a deeper level during the holidays, especially with those who do not have families that will be coming to visit or take them on a pass.

Our goal for these guys is to provide an experience that is so beautiful and unique that one day when they are fathers, they will share with their kids the great memories of holidays spent at Youth-Reach.

We have groups providing Thanksgiving meals and gift cards for Christmas. We have outings planned with a focus on Christmas, family, and connecting with the deep spiritual meaning of Christmas.

Please keep the Youth-Reach Houston family in your prayers throughout the Holiday Season, and from all of us to all of you and yours, Merry Christmas!