By: Curt Williams, Founder & Executive Director

A few weeks ago at our annual Open House there was a comment that we heard over and over again. It varied slightly, but it ran something like this: “We never really knew about Youth-Reach until we came out here,” or “I had a preconceived notion of what Youth-Reach was like, but now that I have been here, I see that it is so much more.” We had guests from as far away as Baton Rouge, Louisiana and as close as Humble, Texas and this was the common theme of the day.

You really should see it to grasp all that we have here and all that we do every day for troubled and delinquent boys. For you to fully understand what God has done for over 38 years, and what He does every single day, you just have to see it.

When you visit our campus you will see:

A clean, safe, healthy and positive environment.

Our boys come from every imaginable scenario. Many come from places where they have been devalued, abused, neglected, and regularly disdained. At Youth-Reach we employ encouragement from strong male role models, healthy relationships, positive peer pressure from more senior residents and a system that tangibly rewards progress to bring about true heart change, not just behavior modification.

A campus where stewardship and hard work are expected and modeled.

You will never arrive and find our campus or homes in poor shape. We always have maintenance and projects waiting to be completed, but we value what the Lord and our supporters have provided, and we act like it.

A fully credentialed property and program.

The Texas Department of Human Resources is a hard group to work with. They are inflexible and their standards are not negotiable. Youth-Reach meets or exceeds the hundreds of standards that must be met to certify our facilities, our staff members and our program parameters. We also have regular health, fire and utility inspections. Very few private homes could pass the rigorous inspections that Youth-Reach must be prepared for year-round.

Boys who are focused on the valuable chance to turn their lives around.

We do not admit kids against their will or coerce boys into coming into Youth-Reach. This is a tough, demanding, and high-stress program aimed at making men from boys. Hard work and challenging workouts six days a week are the norm, and we make no apologies for this. Many kids do not make it through our application process as they are found to be lazy, entitled, or flippant about this opportunity. The boys you see here are earning their bed every day.

A campus where you have access to see what we do and talk to the kids we serve.

We are not afraid for our guests to interact with our boys. At our recent Open House, visitors were toured around the campus by our residents without a staff member monitoring what they might say. We are an open book with nothing to hide and nothing to fear.

If you have not visited before, or if it has been a while since you last came to Youth-Reach, we would love for you or your group to call and set up a time to come out, see and fully experience this home of miracles.

Come see us!