All of us who serve here at Youth-Reach are aware that for most of our residents, spending their Christmas here with us wouldn’t be their first choice. In fact, it can easily be a sad and melancholy day, so we go above and beyond to make sure that their Christmas at Youth-Reach will always be a fond memory.

We want them to one day, as adults, think back to that time when they were at Youth-Reach Houston on Christmas, and think, “What a great time we had”.

Thanks to many of you, every item on their wish list was purchased. The food and goodies were amazing. The outings and events were almost non-stop, and after Christmas, they all had an epic shopping spree to spend their gift cards on whatever they wanted.

It was all quite dizzying, but these boys had a great Christmas and are walking into the New Year with hope and joy. Thank you all for helping us to make Christmas 2021 a great set of memories.