By: Curt Williams, Founder & Executive DirectorCurt Williams

As I write this, we are in the midst of our own little Covid pandemic here at Youth-Reach Houston. Though we have taken many precautions and been as consistent as possible, it has not been impossible to prevent every chance of exposure. We are very grateful that, so far, the five staff members who have been infected and the two staff children have shown only mild flu-like symptoms to no symptoms whatsoever.

We held off the virus until a week before Christmas, and at this writing, most of those who have tested Covid positive have recovered or they are on their way to recovery. We are grateful for the many prayers and the messages of concern that we have received.

As we take stock of 2020, we are all left humbled and amazed. In a year with unprecedented social strife, political division, shutdowns, quarantines, and a unique virus that can kill or simply disrupt we have also seen the astounding hand of the Father.

Youth-Reach Houston

In the summer my family celebrated the home going of my 90-year old dad who was not only our patriarch, but he was also my first hero. We were able to have all the valuable conversations and spend the quality time together that actually made his transition Home a pleasant affair. He was a truly faithful man, and I am deeply grateful for the legacy he left to me.

In all, both Youth-Reach Houston and Youth-Reach Gulf Coast finished 2020 strong, and thanks to many of you who provided critical support in what was a very exceptional year, our bills were paid, and we cared for more boys than we have in years. Thank you for your trust and for catching the vision of Youth-Reach, and we hope you will continue to pray and support our work in 2021.