In the next few months we are going to be launching some new opportunities for our supporters (and new supporters) to partner with Youth-Reach in some interesting ways.

After finding a very large and very healthy colony of honeybees on our campus (and interpreting this to be an opportunity) we contacted Pastor Kent Wilson who we know to be a local beekeeper. He came over and has been the catalyst for Youth-Reach to step into the amazing and interesting pursuit of keeping bees and developing the program to produce honey for sale.

The boys are learning the benefits and perils of the art of beekeeping. With 26-acres, we have the space to expand this effort and to actually step into this “business” to see where this leads us. It is also a chance for us to care for the species that experts believe to be the most critical to the survival of mankind. Every food source we have is dependent upon bees for pollination. Bees allow us to propagate fruits, vegetables, trees; they are the secret element that, without them, all agriculture would fail. So, keeping bees, and occasionally stealing their honey, sounds like a really great idea.

Hopefully, we will soon be able to offer Youth-Reach honey to you and your family. We believe that it will be a bit sweeter since it would also be providing a fresh chance to some very hardworking young beekeepers.