Birthdays Are a Big Deal

Resident Celebrating BirthdayMany of our boys come directly from incarceration, while others come from economically challenged homes. Most come from homes where the father is absent and has not been financially responsible.

We are always surprised at the number of boys who have never had a birthday party.

We have been blessed for many, many years that Steve and Mikie Bellis have made sure that every boy has something special, made just for them, on their birthday. Over the years, the boys have requested some bizarre creations, and Mikie has always accommodated. There has been Dr. Pepper cheesecakes, Gummy Worm cakes, and even a Monster Energy Drink cheesecake.

We also take the boys out to eat. Their assigned counselor takes them to the restaurant of their choice, and they are made to feel as vital and loved as we can. We realize that the Lord loves and cherishes these boys, and He has called on us to be His voice of affirmation and affection to these guys. Plus, the guys really love to eat, so this seems to touch that particular love language very nicely.