Kim Carollo with her mother, Linda Denman

Kim Carollo with her mother, Linda Denman

Kim Carollo has known Youth-Reach Founder Curt Williams since she was a teen attending the church youth group he led many years ago. Her mother, Linda Denman, met him while working as a teller at a local bank. Shortly after Youth-Reach began, Linda began helping by keeping the books. Kim’s father, Joe, also invested in the ministry by spending time with the boys being served there.

“I’ve been friends with Curt and Shelley since my youth and have seen many lives changed at Youth-Reach over the years,” Kim said. “He also personally invested in our family.”

When Linda was nearing the end of her life, Curt visited her in the hospital. “How’s God going to get the glory out of all of this?” Curt asked her. Linda, who wasn’t speaking at that time, responded with a very clear and audible, “Yep.”

Not many days after Curt’s visit, Kim texted him to say that she read her mother Psalm 23. He told Kim to read her Psalm 91.

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1).”

Linda passed on into eternal glory 10 minutes later. At her funeral, Curt had the honor of speaking about the impact she made at Youth-Reach during the early days of the ministry.

When Kim watched Curt’s message on the Youth-Reach Sponsor a Son video, she was moved to take action. She became one of the first to sponsor a son through the new initiative to help support the growing number of boys served through this 24/7 residential ministry.

When asked why people should consider sponsoring a son, Kim replied, “Do it for the young men out there who don’t have fathers — sometimes even mothers — and need a Godly role model. The boys learn that God is their true parent and will fill that role for them.”

Thank you, Kim, for the beautiful legacy of support you and your family have invested in Youth-Reach and the Kingdom of God to help our ministry be all it is today.

You can become a part of our extended Youth-Reach family, too! Visit our Sponsor a Son webpage to learn more.