How shall we respond?

By: Curt Williams, Founder & Executive Director

We are living in unprecedented times. Politically, socially and philosophically, Americans have never been more divided. Our economy, along with the economies of most developed nations, has tilted out of balance, and we are walking the razor edge of global recession. Once-sacred standards have been abandoned, and we are surrounded by those who want to operate off emotions with the compass being their most base desires. Families are split, and even within the American church, denominations are divided. The uber-wealthy are seeking to consolidate their power, and many feel that the citizenry is being herded toward a world order only imagined in the Book of Daniel and John’s revelations.

It is so easy for those of us immersed in this turmoil to react with fear, partisan activism or paralysis. But what if we, the true Body of Christ, were seen by a scattered and divided public as bizarrely at peace? What if, while others stoke the fires of hate, we spoke of love? What if when others call for violence, we exuded peace?

Recently, I saw this meme on social media: Change the world the way Jesus did

Yes, that hit me hard. Truth often does that. We are not going to see lives changed by using the tired weapons of activism. Many think that “saving America” is the same as seeing human souls transformed by the saving power of Jesus Christ, but they are mistaken. Jesus did not die for America. He died for Republicans, Democrats and independents. He died for Baptists, Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, Methodists, Yankees and rednecks. He died for people that look like you and for people who look nothing like you. He died for liberals and conservatives. He died for politicians and ditch diggers. Maybe you want to believe that your mansion in glory will be surrounded by your kind of folks, and if this is your belief you just might find heaven awkward. I am convinced that upon arrival, those of us truly redeemed from the curse of the law and hell will be surprised by who is there and who is not.

So here are four ways that we can respond to these challenging times:

Protect the young as much as possible.

Kids need the opportunity to be kids; to have a childhood that does not include a daily immersion in the harsh culture wars. If they ask questions, answer them succinctly and without passing on prejudice or division.

Stay informed, but do not engage in the bitterness.

This is not our home. The scriptures assure us that things are not going to be rosy. Life is likely to come with everything from inconveniences to persecutions; just don’t look to lay blame on those who do not agree with you. We have a higher calling and a greater commission.

Leak peace onto those around you.

I find it sad when I see those who claim to follow Christ racked with fear. We are a chosen people. Our eternity is secure. Our Father knew these days would come long before we had an inkling. Let’s be different. Let’s speak joy, hope and peace to a world where there is a famine of such.

Continue to give.

This may sound self-serving, but my wife Shelley and I have determined to continue radical giving no matter what happens. Our Father blesses the givers, and He provides so that they might give more. We do not avoid poverty by withholding, but by giving.

Remember, you are not alone. We are all in this together and the Lord has His eyes on us. May the great cloud of witnesses see us being faithful, loving, kind and generous during this season. After all, what an amazing time this is to be alive!