My name is Tim Coman. I was one of the original boys in the very first Youth-Reach Houston (YRH) house, and this is my story…

I’m originally from Houston, Texas. I had a foundation in church when I was a kid, but I also grew up with a mom who was an addict. My brother died when I was 14, and by age 15, I was out on the streets.


I went into the U.S. Navy when I was 17, but that only lasted about a year because I was getting in trouble so much. Soon, I was on the streets again, and that’s when I met Curt, who rode up in his famous red-and-silver van. Back in 1987, he was just a young guy who was trying to help a bunch of messed-up kids. He’d recently chartered Youth-Reach Houston.

I was in and out of YRH, but I learned the beginning stages of quiet time and discipline. YRH created an environment of structure for a bunch of kids mixed up in the wrong stuff and it gave us next steps.

After about a year and a half there, I continued my journey to freedom by seeking additional support and resources. Today, I work with teens myself. I’m an associate pastor and Director of Youth Ministries of a church in Fairfield, Texas, near Dallas.

I’ve stayed involved in YRH and been blessed to invest in this ministry that invested in me so many years ago. I believe in what Youth-Reach does, what they are and have experienced the impact of this life-changing ministry firsthand. YRH doesn’t in itself change anyone, but it’s built on a foundation of Christianity. For that reason, YRH stands the test of time.


I know that you don’t get a testimony without a test.

Completing the YRH program isn’t just a test for the child, but also possibly for the parents who need to make changes in their lives too.

If you’re thinking YRH might be the right place for your son, it’s not going to be an easy step. You’re going to have to play a role in the restoration of your child. There are going to be moments that are hard, but there are also going to be moments of great joy.

YRH has always operated on a shoe-string budget. They never turn away a kid who needs help, and they never charge. But for the parents who have resources, don’t just drop them off and say, “Thanks.” If you are blessed with resources, please consider supporting the life-changing ministry Youth-Reach Houston offers. Let your heart be: “While you’re taking care of my child, what can I do to help?”

What’s it worth to have your son, who’s in a very hard place, restored?

Because of the generous faithfulness of our supporters, hurting and broken young men like Tim can come to YRH and find restoration. We never charge residents or their families for the healing, 24/7, Christ-centered, residential support we offer.

Please consider partnering with us to help provide more troubled boys with this life-changing opportunity. Thank you for your prayerful consideration and taking the time to read Tim’s story!