By: Curt Williams, Founder & Executive DirectorCurt Williams

Generally speaking, New Years resolutions are often valiant yet shallow thoughts that rarely survive until February. In spite of that, it is always a good plan to think of ways that we can change who we are for the better, by adding healthy character traits or actions while eliminating the negatives that weigh us down.

The year 2020 certainly was a wake-up call, and if you have taken any time to get into a quiet and contemplative place, you may have picked up some really good areas where we can all be better people in this new year. Here are a few points that I have picked up:

Arguing or discussing politics is often a lousy way to engage others. This seems to be lost on many, but I have found that there is no purity in any politician or party, and for me to promote division in this arena is counter-productive to what the Lord has called us to do.

Social media is great for connecting with friends and family, but can be as ugly as a Portland protest. That’s right, just like so many other elements in our lives, social media can be a force for good or a force for bad. When I post something that is positive and encouraging, people respond positively. When I post something that is controversial, the controversial people take sides. Maybe using social media to speak peace and to foster healing is a better idea.

If you are looking for conflicting information, you can trust the experts to provide it. Whether we are seeking facts on Covid, a political position, or the social issue of the hour the only thing that is clear is that the experts will be unclear. There is not an issue or a crisis that is not politicized, manipulated and perverted to make the “opposition” look jaded and the author look wise and inspired.

In 2021 we should not be surprised by incidents that we have been warned about. It has been said that our Bible is more up-t0-date than tomorrow’s newspaper, and this is true. When men’s hearts are failing for fear, there are wars and rumors of wars, when the love of many is growing cold, and when families are divided, we should nod our heads in recognition of all that we have been taught to expect.

There are the naïve among us who somehow believe switching out a calendar will somehow restore us to normal, but that will not happen. Too much has shifted. Too much has been forever altered. When people long for “normal” they are really just longing for a time of predictable ease. Those of you who are flexible and prepared will fare well through the coming year, while those who are rigid and stubborn will likely struggle.

Let’s continue to be informed and discerning people of faith. That is what the world needs now, not our opinions or our activism. Let’s be fruitful… Have a GREAT 2021!!