Curt Williams

By: Curt Williams, Founder & Executive Director

For 36 years a foundational tenet of Youth-Reach is you get what you earn. Like a small microcosm of the way a healthy society ought to work, when an individual works hard they deserve the rewards associated with hard work. When an individual is lazy, unproductive, or obstinate they deserve the consequences that are associated with being lazy, unproductive, and obstinate.

At Youth-Reach strong and consistent good performance is rewarded, while weak and poor performance is met with negative consequences.

In light of this, a couple of weeks ago the guys who have made it to our Stage Two home were rewarded with a camping trip to Garner State Park. On the way to the Hill Country of Texas, they toured the Alamo, Mission Conception and Mission San Jose. They had a great time riding bikes, hiking, and just relaxing. Because they earned it.