We continue to hear from friends and supporters who are concerned about the health of Youth-Reach Houston. These queries are regarding both our medical and financial health.

To date, no one in our community has been sick, showed symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19. We have remained as socially distant as possible in an effect to protect several in our community that may be more susceptible to this virus. We are listening to the experts and trying to discern which is the more credible or the least contradictory. For the last two months we have been having community worship together on Sundays which has been very refreshing and is serving to increase our unity and love for one another.

We have held on to the same boys that we had the day the lock down order was passed down and now we are loading up the empty beds with new boys.

Financially, we have been both amazed and deeply encouraged. Some who have never before given to the work of Youth-Reach have done so during this season. Almost all of our regular supporters have continued to provide support. We have received several very generous checks from sponsoring churches and foundations. We have even received donations that were originally received by the donor via the CARES Act; these have been especially unique to receive.

For now, the bills are paid and we are closely monitoring our spending. We are trying to consistently operate on faith and not give place to fear. We are now convinced more than ever before that the Lord is caring for us and carrying us across these dark waters. We are very grateful for all of you who, even when not knowing what the future may hold, have continued to give to keep Youth-Reach healthy and available for the next kid who needs the fresh chance that we offer. Thank you!