Many of us, even as followers of Christ, are yearning for a return to what life was before COVID-19.

I have to say, I just don’t get this.

We are supposed to be citizens of heaven; a people living in a dark place and temporarily estranged from our Home. We are not supposed to be comfortable here, or to set up enough conveniences that we no longer look forward to eternity with our Savior.

But I am afraid that this is what has happened.

We have grown complacent and we have feathered our nests until we rarely experience true suffering. Our days are punctuated by recreational eating, diversions and pastimes. Heck, even our churches are edifices of ease where our needs are efficiently met at the most convenient of times.

We like it here, on earth, and we flee any danger that may take us away.

It seems that just maybe the Lord is trying to use this to rattle us, and to bump us off the precarious perch of spiritual apathy. Maybe, He is using this worldwide crisis to help us to see what truly matters, and that just maybe when we are all released back into our culture, we will retain the spirit of close community that marked the early Church.

So, if the Lord is using this to speak to us, are we listening? What is He trying to share with us? What are you hearing?

Easter “church service” at Youth-Reach Houston.