Curt Williams

By: Curt Williams, Executive Director & Founder

This is all we have heard about for weeks. All other news has been pushed aside as we all try to separate the hype from the facts. One thing is for sure: The fear that has accompanied this pandemic is as harmful as the actual virus.

Here at Youth-Reach, we always choose faith over fear. Life is full of curve-balls and we know that we live in a broken world, yet crises like this give the Church a tremendous opportunity to rise above the hysteria and to be a beacon of calm and hope.

As we are doing ourselves, please keep in mind all those who depend on us to survive; those who are being hurt economically by the impact of both the virus and the fear. Keep giving, keep spending, and during this time, be even more generous than ever. That is how people of faith respond when others are paralyzed by fear. We are different…a peculiar people, and in this season we can find our greatest opportunities. Carry on.