In over three and a half decades of ministry, some very real and very predictable patterns have become evident. One consistent pattern is the precipitous drop in giving that we experience every year in January and February.

We get it. December is a wonderful month filled with giving, acts of selfless generosity, and strategic charity. Even the homeless on the streets will attest to the largesse of December. Yet what we also see is that this spirit seems to hit a wall by January second. It is as if many people put away that spirit for next year’s holidays.

This is why we often say that Youth-Reach could not survive and be available to the next kid if not for our consistent monthly donors. Those of you who send a check every month or have gone online to set up a recurring gift to our work are the lifeblood of Youth-Reach Houston.

Other than this treasured group, few people give in January and February. In fact, we often receive half the monthly budget need in these two months. This means that the extra funds received at Christmas cannot go to meet needs we have faced for months, but must be held to carry us through two very lean months to come.

If you do not typically give in January and February, we are inviting you to be a part of an exclusive group, our First Quarter Donors. You will be in a rare place, and we will be overjoyed to welcome you into this elite club.

Thank you for your support of Youth-Reach Houston and we hope that you are enjoying the richness of a life hidden in Christ!