The ongoing challenge for Youth-Reach Houston, that has not changed in over 36 years, is to fund the monthly ongoing expenses that come with providing a full-service, 24-hour a day residential program for troubled boys. To operate in a healthy manner, with neither need nor excess, requires approximately $42,000 per month. In an effort to reach this goal each month, we are seeking 200 individuals (or couples) who will commit to giving $100 a month on an ongoing, committed basis.

At our Alabama campus, this initiative has been wildly successful. The number of people in the Founders’ Circle there has already surpassed 100 and there is a determined effort to reach their goal of 200. Here in Houston, we presently have 49 people who give $100 (or more) to the work of Youth-Reach each month. Over the course of 2020, we will be hosting a series of business luncheons in different regions of our city where those of you who love and support this ministry can invite your friends or business associates to come and hear from both current residents and past graduates and have the opportunity to consider being a part of our Founders’ Circle.

We mention this as an invitation to those of you who may consider this opportunity to participate in this manner so that Youth-Reach can be healthy, can look to expand, and can provide a powerful and life-changing experience for troubled kids from Houston and from all over the country. If this is something you would prayerfully consider, please become a Founders’ Circle member today. Thank you for supporting our work!