Curt Williams
Founder & Executive Director

Never one to shy away from a controversial subject, it is time for me to weigh in on a subject that is much in the news and is ripe with misinformation, nonobjective opinions and thinly veiled agendas. The idea of masculinity being toxic is not a mysterious concept. Just the fact that the vast majority of wars, throughout the entirety of history, have been started by men demonstrates that the most potentially destructive chemical in the world is testosterone. Yet today there is a scheme and a strategy to label all forms of masculinity as toxic. This is as dangerous as the aforementioned wars and it must be countered.

Toxic masculinity cannot be countered by feminism, the degrading of manhood, or by endless “gender studies” and their subsequent activism that seeks to reduce men to a tribe of beta boys. Toxic masculinity can only be countered by authentic masculinity, and the difference between the two is night and day.

It seems that many people are fearful or even offended by strong men. They appear to be intimidated or threatened by men achieving, but where would our nation be without the men who sacrificed to erect this great country? A truly astounding country we mostly take for granted.

We cannot in any sense discount the countless achievements and contributions of great women, but it was a man who invented the light bulb, the telephone,  the internal combustion engine, and who pioneered flight. It was strong and determined men who liberated Europe from Hitler and who wrestled the Pacific from the grip of Imperial Japan. Yes, it is undeniable that atrocities have been committed, but the ratio of atrocities versus heroism demonstrates the incredible mark our world bears from the efforts of authentic manhood.

A man first reached the South Pole, discovered the headwaters of the Amazon, and walked on the surface of the moon. And as frustrating as it is to those who want so badly to reconstruct history, Jesus chose twelve men to establish his work on the earth. Yet to balance this out, not one male high achiever was birthed by a man, but by fierce, strong and determined women. I have often said that if it was up to men to carry and give birth to children, the world would resemble a ghost town. So strength, either personified by a woman or by a man, is always a powerful and desperately needed societal trait.

Yet today there is a glaring agenda afoot to label strong masculinity as somehow toxic. Admittedly, the macho, demeaning and yet shallow man is painfully evident in our culture, but they are far from the norm. What makes this world roll is the quiet, faithful and committed man of humble integrity that is not loud and visible. He commits to a sacred covenant to one woman and walks with her through childbearing and the raising of his children. He works hard and walks in daily standards of honesty that are above reproach. He speaks the truth in love and does not shrink from a worthy confrontation. He defends the unborn, provides for the poor, and serves his family from a motive of fierce love. He raises pure daughters and respectful sons, by providing an admirable example and not a harsh list of rules.

No one wants to say this, but toxic femininity is as evident as toxic masculinity and just as insidious. Toxic femininity seeks to tear down men in the mistaken belief that this is the only way to advance women. Women caught in this lie are intent on feminizing boys, demonizing men who are powerful, and undermining or retarding male achievement. Their success will mark the downfall of our civilization.

Toxic masculinity is marked by arrogant strength, just as toxic femininity is marked by arrogant strength. Authentic manhood is marked by humble strength, just as authentic womanhood is marked by humble strength. Neither of the toxic representations mirror the image of Jesus to a lost and questioning world.

Here at Youth-Reach, we receive a lot of boys who have been damaged by an agenda that has sought to undermine their God-given traits, to feminize them, and to issue to them a laundry list of excuses for poor or weak behaviors. To counter this here, they are under the strong influence of a team of loving yet strong alpha males, who demonstrate to them daily the traits of authentic masculinity. For those who support this ministry, this is the agenda you are helping to advance.

We are forever grateful for your generous support.