In this past year we put out a call to help us fund a very mundane need. We were faced with the prospect that our old pole barn, which was on the property when we acquired it in 1991, was falling down and had been deemed a hazard by our state regulators. A new pole barn, large enough to shelter all of our equipment and strong enough to withstand south Texas storms, would cost over $20,000. In less than six weeks the funds were provided, and the barn is now a reality. This is one of those necessary yet not so attractive needs that we face here at Youth-Reach. With 26 acres, sixteen structures (homes and support buildings) and lots of projects on the to-do list, there really is no end to stewarding all that the Lord has provided.

What has become incredibly clear is that December giving is beyond critical. It allows us to not only finish the year with all of the bills paid, which is always our goal, but it will also allow us to enter 2020 prepared for the large expenses that hit us right after we celebrate New Year’s Day. It is a decidedly unattractive need, but do you realize that our property insurance, which is paid in installments each of the first four months of the year, exceeds $60,000? The brunt of this cost is paid in January and February, which after the generous giving in December, are the typically two months when Youth-Reach receives the least financial provision.

Having a strong December matters all the way through the month of May.

So, when considering your holiday and end-of-year giving, please know that your December gift to the work of Youth-Reach is not just a powerful shot in the arm this month, but it will matter for many months to come. It would be great if the only needs that Youth-Reach faced were directly related to the boys, but that is simply not an honest assessment. Providing a full-service residential program free-of-charge to troubled, damaged and homeless kids comes with many ancillary expenses. There are needs that are more attractive than others, but all needs are a part of the reality that we face. In every accounting that we have faced, the reports have shown that Youth-Reach is a very efficient program, where much is accomplished with the finances that are raised. Our commitment to you is to remain efficient, and to always be looking for ways to turn each nickel we receive into a dime.

Thank you for your generous giving to Youth-Reach Houston!