If you’re an older donor, an IRA charitable rollover is very easy and quite tax-efficient, leaving more money for Youth-Reach Houston (YRH) as well as your heirs.

Most often, all rolling over an IRA requires is for the donor to simply fill out a form with her or his IRA plan administrator, designating YRH as the beneficiary of the plan. Then, YRH gets the IRA funds directly, bringing the life-changing opportunity of a second chance to troubled teen boys.

An IRA charitable rollover might be the right choice for you if…

  • You’re at least age 70 1/2.
  • You want to avoid paying taxes on a gift to YRH of up to $100,000.
  • You have a paid-up policy or you won’t use your whole retirement account.
  • You want a generous and creative way to meet your IRA’s minimum distribution.
  • You have a donor-advised fund that benefits YRH and want your IRA to finance that fund.

What else should I know about IRA charitable rollovers?

  1. The payout cannot be distributed to a person, only to a charity.
  2. YRH is not allowed to give quid pro quo benefits to donors who roll over their IRAs to us.

How do I get started creating a donor-advised fund?

It’s usually as easy as filling out a form. Contact us today to have a member of our leadership team walk you through this process.