Project Description

If you’re looking for a great way to make a significant financial contribution to Youth-Reach Houston, a bequest could be a great option for you. Bequests are gifts that donors make via their will or trust. When setting up planned giving, many people choose a bequest for its impact and flexibility.

Bequests are simple gifts to give. With the help of an accountant or your estate planning attorney, you can simply state in your will or trust that you’d like a specific gift to be made to Youth-Reach Houston as part of your estate plan.

A bequest might be the right choice for you if…

  • You have a large estate with not only cash but also non-cash assets such as stocks, property, vehicle, etc., and your family and heirs would benefit from avoiding some estate taxes.
  • Your charitable wishes could use some simplifying.
  • You want a conveniently straightforward and easy-to-update option.
  • You want to create a lasting legacy at YRH that will continue to change lives for years.

What types of things can I give with a bequest?

  1. You can give a dollar amount or property from your general estate (a general bequest) or from a particular source, such as a bank specific bank account (a demonstrative bequest).
  2. You can give a specific item, such as a vehicle, property, or valuable (a specific bequest).
  3. You can give from the balance of your estate, usually a percentage of the remainder, after all debts are settled and other bequests are made (a residuary gift).

How do I get started making a bequest?

With this particular type of planned giving, it’s important to inform your beneficiary that you have a plan to give. When designating YRH in your bequest, we want to honor your intention for the gift and steward it as impactfully as possible.

Contact us today to have a member of our leadership team walk you through this process.