Train Up a Child

Here at Youth-Reach we often get boys who are well on their way to the legal age when society will deem them to be an adult, but they are nowhere close to manhood. Proverbs 22:6 implores us to train up our children. Training requires discipline, focus, standards, and an expectation of performance.

Coming Full Circle

By: Curt Williams, Founder & Executive Director Like many of you, I have spent time watching the rioting, looting, arson, and violence that is sweeping many cities with some seriously mixed emotions. On one hand, [...]

The Rarest Attribute

I was probably around ten or twelve years old. It was a Saturday morning and I was enjoying my favorite cartoon, Johnny Quest. It is curious how some memories remain stark in our minds while so many fall from our ability to recollect. This is one of those memories that is still vivid as if it occurred yesterday

Because I Read…

by Curt Williams, Executive Director & Founder of Youth-Reach Curt WilliamsFounder & Executive Director When I was young, I traveled with an English family who braved an angry North Atlantic in a wooden [...]

White Knuckle Parenting

Here I go again, sticking a needle in the delusional balloon of modern day parenting. In our haste to embrace every progressive thought we have abandoned old-fashioned common sense, but here I am going to refresh us all with a dose of hard-won wisdom.

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