By: Curt Williams, Founder & Executive DirectorCurt Williams

In a joint relationship with Rugid Grind Coffee, Youth-Reach Houston is launching our very own line of premium coffees, and we are sure that, among our many selections, you will find your new favorite brew.

Curt is a fan of the Sumatra blend, while Xavier has latched on to the Peaberry roast. We have been sampling these coffees for months and we are excited for you to try them.

These high-quality, organic coffee beans are fairly sourced from rural farmers around the world.

You can order 3-ounce sample bags of the flavor of your choice, or 6 or 12-ounce bags. Plus, you can choose to have the coffee arrive at your door either as whole beans or freshly ground and packaged for you.

When you find the blend you really love you can set up a subscription and your new favorite coffee will arrive at your door each month. This way you are enjoying premium coffee while helping the mission of Youth-Reach as we seek to reach troubled boys with the Gospel and the hope of a new life.

Just visit the Coffee for a Cause page of our website and you will be guided through the selection and ordering process. It’s just that easy!